Talking Audio Books, Revenue Streams and Mom’s Best Advice with TE Best

Today I had the honor of being Tammie’s first guest of the year on her radio show. We covered a lot in a short period of time, so if you’d like to know more about audio books, new revenue streams and more, take the next 23 minutes to listen to Tammie’s show.

Do you have a question? I’d love to hear it, and maybe answer it right here. Helping people monetize their content is what we do!


Sandy Weaver Carman
CEO, Voicework on Demand, Inc.

I partner with writers, speakers, trainers and coaches, taking work they’ve already done and turning it into a new revenue stream. Ready to get your feet wet?


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7 Steps to Becoming a Celebrity Expert

The world is looking for experts. Perhaps you know one, up close and personally. Perhaps it’s you.

In just a generation, we’ve gone from daily newspapers and the evening news to Google news alerts, Facebook shares and tweets as our primary sources for information gathering. And we’ve begun looking at those who provide the best information as experts. If they have a book, then their expert status is elevated even higher.

Are you an expert? Do you have a book? And do you provide your expertise and insights freely and often? Then you’re part of the new wave of celebrities, though you may not feel like it just yet. Here are seven things you can implement quickly to be on your way to Celebrity Expert status: Continue reading 7 Steps to Becoming a Celebrity Expert

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How Coaches Can Use Audio to Reach More Clients

Sure there’s a recession, and yes, the federal government is trying to find ways to fix it quickly, but as a smart business owner, you know that the solution isn’t coming from the capitol…it’s coming from us. It’s up to us to do what small and medium-sized business owners have always done…get smart about spending our money in order to expand the reach of our offerings.

Right now, the industries that are seeing a level amount of revenue are the recession-proof ones: auto mechanics, plumbers, used-car dealerships, crime-prevention, etc. The industries that are seeing growth are the ones to whom out-of-work people turn when they’re looking to improve their skills, their image, or explore other options in employment. Life coaches, sales coaches, business coaches, and speech coaches are all in demand right now as the unemployment numbers rise and people look for ways to stand out and get hired or re-tool for the next career option. Continue reading How Coaches Can Use Audio to Reach More Clients

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