Re-Purpose to E-Purpose

Re-Purpose to e-purpose…the concept is sort of like making a silk purse from a sow’s ear.  Those with the right talent can make a great purse.  The rest will just have a fancy pig ear to show for their troubles.

Most people don’t like to write, don’t want to write, don’t have the time to write or think they don’t have the talent to write. So the idea of writing a book to showcase their expertise is something they may recognize as a good idea, and may hope to “someday” do, but not something they’re going to sit right down and do. Internet marketing research has shown that business owners who have written a book and are offering it for sale are perceived as having much more expertise than their competitors, who may have as much experience and ability but don’t have a book. Continue reading Re-Purpose to E-Purpose

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Success In A Slow Economy

Podcast with Sandy Weaver Carman
“Success in a Slow Economy”
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Each morning‚ I read the on–line radio trade papers. I also check out a couple of marketing sites‚ some internet–geek–type sites‚ and a few blogs. Each morning‚ I learn a little bit more than I knew yesterday. And if you’re a business owner‚ I want to share something I found on a radio trade site recently.

There are weekly commentary pages on the site‚ and one is written by “JoeGM‚” who‚ according to the blurb under his very blurry picture‚ is “GM‚ Really Big Company.” JoeGM shares his weekly to‚do list‚ which is populated with some great ideas for radio‚ and sometimes great ideas that work for all sorts of businesses. The list I read recently had several great ideas for any sort of business‚ not just radio‚ and I’d like to share them with you. Continue reading Success In A Slow Economy

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Why Radio is Better Than TV or Newspaper for Advertisers

For a lot of reasons‚ business owners who advertise should be seriously considering radio right now. The spot pricing has never been better‚ because times have not been this tough for radio revenue for 50+ years.

Mary Beth Garber‚ who is the president of the Southern California Broadcasters Association‚ had these words of wisdom for business owners trying to decide if radio is the right advertising medium for them: Continue reading Why Radio is Better Than TV or Newspaper for Advertisers

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How Coaches Can Use Audio to Reach More Clients

Sure there’s a recession, and yes, the federal government is trying to find ways to fix it quickly, but as a smart business owner, you know that the solution isn’t coming from the capitol…it’s coming from us. It’s up to us to do what small and medium-sized business owners have always done…get smart about spending our money in order to expand the reach of our offerings.

Right now, the industries that are seeing a level amount of revenue are the recession-proof ones: auto mechanics, plumbers, used-car dealerships, crime-prevention, etc. The industries that are seeing growth are the ones to whom out-of-work people turn when they’re looking to improve their skills, their image, or explore other options in employment. Life coaches, sales coaches, business coaches, and speech coaches are all in demand right now as the unemployment numbers rise and people look for ways to stand out and get hired or re-tool for the next career option. Continue reading How Coaches Can Use Audio to Reach More Clients

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Enhance Your Website with Audio – Here’s Why

Would most viewers watch tv with the sound off? No…audio enhances the presentation. And since most computers have speakers, most websites should use audio to enhance their presentation, too.

With the current economic slump, business owners are looking at ways to improve on what they already have, hopefully quickly and preferably inexpensively. Some are taking collateral materials from their business, articles they’ve written and even their own website text and turning it into audio, either for sale or to exchange for contact information of prospects. Continue reading Enhance Your Website with Audio – Here’s Why

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