Radio Imaging & Production

Good news – your local reps are doing a great job!

Bad news – production is piled to the rafters – who’ll get it all done in time?

Good news – you’re about to launch an exciting promotional event!

Bad news – not enough time in the day to get great promos and sweepers produced…who’ll do that?

Good news – on-air re-branding will freshen your sound and energize your listeners!

Bad news – who has time for all of THAT production, too?

Face it – radio’s reality…your reality!…is doing more work with an ever-shrinking staff. But that doesn’t mean you or your vital team members have to be saddled with all the work. What you need is someone who can take some…or all!…of that extra production work off your desk and get it on your airwaves. But that person has to be reliable, really great, and really affordable. If you can just find THAT person, you think to yourself, you, too, will be a raving fan!

I’m Sandy Weaver Carman, a veteran (ok, not that old!) of major market radio, (Boston, Washington DC, Atlanta*) an award-winning talent and a nerd who loves to do production! My voice, someone else’s voice – I don’t care!

And my clients are raving fans…this 90 second demo will tell you why!


There’s a ton of flexibility in the voices you’ll get – we can use your own staff voices, your own imaging voice, me, and/or either of the guys that work with me, meaning two-voice spots/promos are a breeze. Check my guys out here. 

Whether you just need a little help now and then…

or you need a production person, week-in, week-out…

…let’s talk about partnering, to…
get those local spots cut!
get hot promos out of your head and on the air!
get your re-branding done, easily, effortlessly, and affordably!

Call or text – 770-310-6932
Email – sandy (at sign) voiceworkondemand (dot) com

Per-piece rates start at $25, and annual retainers start at $100 per month. See, you can’t afford NOT to become a raving fan!!

Call, text or email me now – while you’re thinking about it – and we’ll customize a program just for you. Make me a virtual part of your station’s team and together, we’ll make your sales staff, promotions department, advertisers and listeners a raving fan of YOU!

*Sandy Weaver on WRKO Boston, Q107, WAVA and WMZQ Washington DC, and Peach 94.9, Kicks 101.5 and Eagle 106.7 Atlanta. Along the way, I’ve worked with great programmers (Bob Elliot, Randy Lane, Alan Burns, & more) and great air talent (Joe Cipriano, Scott Woodside, Jim Vann, Moby in the Morning, & more) and have contributed not just on-air, but as Music Director, Assistant PD and Assistant Promotions Director. I “get” radio…I LOVE radio…and you’ll love working with a virtual production person who gets and loves radio.

Additional Offering – Happiness!

Yes, you’ll be happier off-loading some or all of your production to me, but I am also an award-winning speaker with a happiness workshop your staff may need.

“Happiness is Job One” is designed to boost your company’s morale, productivity and bottom line by helping your staff understand and implement happiness strategies.

To find out more about the workshop, please visit the Happiness Recipe website.