About the Company

Got a book you’ve written, and want an audio version?

Got teleseminar audio and webinar audio and don’t know what to do with it?

Got tapes of presentations and you know they can make you money, but don’t know how?

Working with authors, coaches and speakers is Sandy’s specialty. With your words and her technical know-how and vision, you’ll be making money in your sleep in no time!

Do you want:

  • Your book turned into an audio book?
  • Your speeches turned into audio learning courses for clients and potential clients?
  • Your workshops/training sessions turned into audio workshops for your clients?
  • Your blog posts turned into podcasts?

At Voicework on Demand, Inc., those are a few of the services we provide!


Voicework Experience

Voicework on Demand, Inc. President and CEO, Sandy Weaver Carman, has over 30 years of on-air experience. Over the span of her radio career, Sandy has also written, voiced and produced radio commercials. She has worked in major markets such as Boston, Washington, D.C. and Atlanta, earning awards, accolades and high ratings.

As a voice talent and audio editor, Sandy works with writers, coaches and speakers, helping them to create audio programs from their books, webinars and keynotes. Whether working with audio they provide or starting from scratch and talking their words, Sandy develops products for her clients that provide a passive income stream for them.

Voicework on Demand

Sandy’s style is warm and friendly, with a vocal range spanning 8 to 80 due to her cartoon-voice ability. Characters, especially any Southern ones, are a specialty, and accents include street, upper crust English, Cockney, Australian, and cartoonish French, Russian and Middle European. Sandy’s ability to morph in and out of characters makes her a popular reader of childrens’ fiction.

Editing Services

Speakers record their talks. Some authors record their books. Coaches record their teleseminars and webinars.  That audio can be made available as a cd or as downloadable audio, meaning that it can continue to make money for the speaker for years, even decades afterwards. Sandy Weaver Carman uses three steps to turn those audios into products: clean up, enhance and romance.

Clean up: remove the extraneous audio. Audience member coughs, mic feedback, speaker uses their “thinking phrase” too often – whatever the distracting audio elements are, they are removed.

Enhance: using equalization and compression to make the speaker sound more “live” and present. Bringing up the level of the audience so they are more apparent and involved in the recording.

Romance: Adding an introduction and conclusion, music, and/or sound effects – whatever the recording needs to go from just a recording to a presentation.

So you see, Voicework on Demand, Inc. is so much more than just a pretty voice – it’s services you can use to enhance your bottom line!