Is This Your Year for Audio Books?

reel to reel tape, razor blade and splicing block, Sandy Weaver Carman, audio book, audio product, audio production, podcast, writer, author, speaker, trainer, coach, Voicework On DemandAudio books used to be clunky and hard to use. They were mainly used by visually impaired people, and those of us who drove long distances, often by ourselves, for work or for play. Boxes of cassettes littered the floorboard, some of them spewing the delicate tape out with tangled abandon, never to play again. Then CD technology came along, making audio books easier to “read” but very expensive.

Welcome to 2014 – this ain’t your mama’s audio book anymore! Because of smartphone technology, downloadable audio and the need to multi-task, audio book consumption has increased dramatically., the supplier of audio books to Amazon and iTunes, projected their business to rise 30% year over year in 2013, after a 40% increase the previous 12 months.

Readers are moving from using their eyes to using their ears to read a book, and in some instances, audio books outsell physical copies by a large margin. While audio books in CD form are still pricey, many audio books sell for less than the paperback version.

With downloadable audio, there’s only a cost for production of the book – no CD duplication, no jewel cases to buy, no artwork inserts to produce, and no postage. Not only is this the consumer’s favorite way to buy audio books, it’s the cheapest way for the author to go!

Producing an audio book is something people with time on their hands, some technological ability and a reasonably quiet place to work can tackle. If that sounds like you, you might find the audio production eBook, Create a Revenue River, helpful. If not, there are many companies like mine that can help you a little or a lot, usually for less than you would expect.

Make this the year you make your work work even harder for you – take the book you’ve already written and offer it in audio form and watch the sales jump!

Do you have a question about audio products? I’d love to hear it, and maybe answer it right here. Helping people monetize their content is what we do!

Sandy Weaver Carman
CEO, Voicework on Demand, Inc.


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