Audio Books – 3 Reasons Your Book MUST Be an Audio Book

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As more and more people move to smart phones, they’re discovering the ease and fun of listening to an audio book. If you haven’t become hooked by audio books yet, know that the world is about to pass you by – listening to an audio book has become so much easier than reading an actual book or an e-book that the audio book market segment is the fastest-growing.

People use audio books to prevent squabbles between their kids in the back seat, to become a better person, or to make distance running palatable, as we saw over and over in the AT&T commercial that ran during the Olympics. You remember it – the runner listened to Moby Dick and The Odyssey and seemed like he could run all day.

If you’re an author, you must consider the audience you’ll miss if you don’t offer an audio book as well. If you’re someone with a lot of intellectual capital but you haven’t gotten around to doing a book yet, these three reasons might help motivate you to get it done and start your revenue river, too.

  1. Many people multi-task, and like to listen to an audio book while driving, doing chores or exercising.
  2. Many people can’t or won’t read a book. Shocking, I know, but an audio book makes your words, ideas and expertise available to people who otherwise wouldn’t have access.
  3. Many people will buy multiple formats – book, audio book, e-book – if you offer your work in multiple formats. There’s a revenue river just waiting for you to tap!

Do you have a question about audio products? I’d love to hear it, and maybe answer it right here. Helping people monetize their content is what we do!


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