Two Tips to Monetize Content and Create a Revenue River

Bundles of $100 bills, audio book, Sandy Weaver Carman, audio products, speakers, writers, coaches, trainersMonetize content. That concept seems to be everywhere, and yet many people don’t quite get how to do it.

I created a teleseminar series aimed at teaching people the how, why and how-to of monetizing their intellectual capital. In yesterday’s session, we discussed the kinds of ways speakers, writers/authors, trainers and coaches can easily monetize content.

As is often the case, a great idea was developed during the call. One of the participants was brainstorming with me about ways she could easily create other products from the information contained in her book. She’s a speech pathologist and speech coach and helps people who are not comfortable in front of crowds overcome their fear. Her book contains a lot of short bullet-point ideas to remember just before speaking, but sometimes you can’t just haul out a book before you start your presentation. We came up with the idea of a set of flip cards, the size of business cards, and held together on a ring. The nervous presenter can easily carry those in a purse, case or even pocket and refer to them as needed.

Another idea that was pounced upon by this same attendee was the concept of taking her intellectual capital and turning it into an online school. She and her co-presenter work with businesses and associations, helping sales people be better presenters and better closers, so their message is one that is needed by tens of thousand of people across the globe. Why not take their presentation notes, Power Point decks and worksheets and turn them into an online academy. That way those who need what they have to offer can “attend” the presentations when it’s convenient for them, and come away with certification.

This can be done using a membership website, Power Point video presentations with narration, and the course workbook is a transcription of their presentation plus handouts. Businesses could pay for their people to attend, and could even license the use of the site annually to be sure that all new hires and under-performers have access to the information when they need it. How’s that for monetizing existing content?

Want more? You can still sign up for the teleseminar series, and if you want access to yesterday’s call, choose the paid option and you’ll get recordings of all three sessions plus my new e-book, Create a Revenue River. It’s a steal for $20!

Do you have a question? I’d love to hear it, and maybe answer it right here. Helping people monetize their content is what we do!


Sandy Weaver Carman

CEO, Voicework on Demand, Inc.

I partner with writers, speakers, trainers and coaches, taking work they’ve already done and turning it into a new revenue river. Ready to get your feet wet?


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