Happy Mother’s Day! Mom’s Wisdom Remembered

Fourteen years ago this weekend, I was visiting with Mom on Mother’s Day. It was painfully clear to the whole family, and to Mom herself, that it would be her last Mother’s Day. She was losing her battle with breast cancer.

What do you give a terminally ill woman? A present – any thing – seemed wrong, because she’d only be able to keep it for a short while. Flowers – no, there’d soon be too many memorial arrangements coming to the house.

Picture of the gift I gave Mom on our last Mother's Day. It will become an audio book soon.I settled on a list of the lessons she had taught me. I had fun making the list of over thirty important lessons – some profound, some silly, and some secret jokes between the two of us – and printed it up and framed it. It was a virtual mirror of our shared lives, and it seemed to please her.

A few months later, after she was gone, Daddy gave the list back to me. It sat on my desk for years before I realized that it was a book outline. I started writing the stories that went with each lesson, but it was a few more years before I finally decided to buckle down and write the book as a gift to my nieces – Mom’s granddaughters – who were very young when Mom died, so didn’t get the benefit of her wisdom.

A surprising thing happened during the writing process – the book took on a direction of its own. In writing the stories of how I learned each of 15 lessons, and how each served me in my major market radio career and in my business, the book became a primer for those entering the business world – college grads, for instance – and those who are taking an entrepreneurial leap of faith, as I did in 2008.

“The Original MBA – Succeed in Business Using Mom’s Best Advice” is really not an appropriate gift for Moms on Mother’s Day, though new Moms might enjoy reading it, to see how other Moms taught life’s lessons.

“The Original MBA – Succeed in Business Using Mom’s Best Advice” is a walk through Mom’s heart, and mine. If you decide to spend some time with it, thank you, and I hope you like “meeting” my mom. She truly was a wonderful woman.

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