Question of the Week – How Can a Coach Monetize Training Sessions?

Late last week a friend of mine called. She was lunching with a good friend who is a business coach and was trying to tell her friend about my services.

Ya gotta love a friend like that!

Her business coach friend wanted to know how the very individual work that he does could be easily monetized. Great question, and one faced by many trainers and coaches. Working one-on-one with clients is the typical coaching arrangement, and that is tough to scale. However, without much digging, we can find scalable offerings and turn them into products that, once done, make money with no further effort on the coach’s part.

Logo for the Landman AcademyAs an example, I offer up The Landman Academy. This is an online certification course which teaches people how to identify land with mineral, oil and gas potential and how to negotiate a lease-hold agreement between the exploration company and the land owner. A few years ago, I worked with The Landman Academy, setting up their online course work and providing audio products to help them monetize their content. Much of what is on the site is audio with PowerPoint illustrations. “Attendees” also get binders filled with the coursework and tests. They pay their fee, study when it works best for them, and are certified and ready to go to work for oil and gas exploration companies once they’re done.

This course could be offered in the old-school, brick & mortar style, but the company chose to put it all online. This is a great option for coaches and trainers, who already have programs, workshops and handouts – with a little bit of planning and capital investment, all of that can become an online training academy, too.

Why stop there? Certification can be the next level in the sales funnel, and a masters program can be a third level. This is just a Sign that says "members entrance"membership website template tweaked to suit the needs of the training company or coach.

So if you’re a coach or trainer, think about all the miles you log traveling to present workshops. Would you like to travel less and make more, while freeing up more hours for the one-on-one work that you love? Think about setting up your own “Landman Academy.” You can thank me later!

Do you have a question? I’d love to hear it, and maybe answer it right here. Helping people monetize their content is what we do!


Sandy Weaver Carman
CEO, Voicework on Demand, Inc.

I partner with writers, speakers, trainers and coaches, taking work they’ve already done and turning it into a new revenue stream. Ready to get your feet wet?

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