“Voice of Authority” Audio Book Is Out & Saving Managers Everywhere!

10 Mar 2012 by Sandy, Comments Off

the cover of the audio book, The Voice of AuthorityHave you read Dianna Booher‘s book, “The Voice of Authority?” It’s a must-read for anyone who manages even one employee, and has been the go-to manual for many Fortune 500 C-level managers.

But you’re too busy to read? You’d rather listen to a book when you have some windshield time, or when you’re logging time on the treadmill or stair machine?

You’re in luck – the audio version is now available for download. It’s every word of Dianna’s book, read to you so you can multitask like the busy executive you are!

Read the reviews, then “read” Dianna’s book your way – with your ears!


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