Voicework on Demand, Inc.

Are you an author, keynote speaker, coach or trainer who wants a new revenue stream?

Do you have hours and hours of recordings and no idea how to turn them into a revenue-producing machine?

Are you tired of too much travel and too little at-home time?

Would a revenue river help you achieve your dreams?


Sandy’s specialty is helping people monetize work they’ve already done.

Voicework on Demand, Inc. is an audio production company specializing in helping you create revenue streams from your own words.

Got a book? Make it an audio book.

Got a bunch of webinar recordings? Make them an audio learning course.

Got hours of keynote speech recordings? Make them available for sale so you don’t have to travel so much!

Passive income, so you don’t have to work so hard all the time! 

Work with a seasoned professional who can help you create:

  • Audio Books
  • E-learning for your website
  • Editing services for motivational and public speakers
  • Sample Our Work

The Audio Product Podcast

Want to learn the ins and outs of audio production, for free, on your own time? Check out The Audio Product Podcast!

What Do Our Clients Say About Voicework On Demand?

“I love your performance!! I would listen to you read the phone book! Thanks for a job well done!” Frank Murphy, Einstein Simplified Improv & APD, WNOX, Knoxville, TN

“As much as I wanted to be the voice for my own book, I am so glad I went with a professional EXPERT in voice work…specifically YOU, Sandy Weaver Carman. Your enunciation, clarity & diction is exactly what my readers need. I am very proud of my audio book! Thank you, Sandy!” June Cline, CSP, humorist & author of “Is It God or Is It Gas – Intuition vs. Indigestion”

“Sandy, I must say that I’m so proud that I chose you to do my audiobook because I’ve been receiving so many great reviews on how soothing your voice is and how believable my story is once you read it to my readers. I’m so grateful that I found you – thank you so much!” Luzelenia Casanova, Author, “The Masquerade Is Over”

“Thank YOU for always being so prompt and speedy yourself in creating so much delicious magic! BTW: the way you say Six Sizzling Sexy Tips in the new outro is the BEST!!” Ande Lyons, author, podcaster & advocate for healthy relationships, “Bring Back Desire”

“You pace beautifully and you don’t just read the words, but you interpret them just the right way. Listening  taught me that I need to pace myself differently in my programs!”
Anne Miller, Presentation and Sales Specialist, “The Tall Lady With the Iceberg”

“You are so awesome and I’m so glad we have connected. The finished product is exactly what I wanted.”
Anita Paul, The Writer’s Midwife, Write Your Life 

“YOU did MORE than I expected and BETTER quality than I ever IMAGINED” Deb Scott, author of the award-winning book “The Sky is Green and the Grass is Blue”

“My client is happy with the voice over, as I knew they would be. And thanks for the great turn around.”
Jason Purshouse, Artifact Brand Creators

“You demystified both the technology and the process for creating podcasts and online video presentations.”
Martin Schmidler, Vice President of IT for UniPro Foodservice, Inc.